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Invictus Direct works with businesses by helping them manufacture opportunities, build sales teams, and introduce their products and services to the market


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Recruitment is essential for a business looking to increase their profit, we provide a simplified recruitment process for our clients and help them onboard the right candidates.

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Defining goals and responsibilities for employees is a must, we provide the necessary training for new hires during onboarding to ensure our clients can crush their goals.

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The right tools and techniques will lead to businesses growing, we provide the management and mentorship necessary to earn those results.



Invictus Direct first started as an outsourced sales and marketing company focusing on customer acquisition and sales optimization for fortune 500 companies. Within its first year, Invictus Direct was able to hire, train, and manage up to 19 employees while representing two top tiered clients: Canadian Tire Financial Services, and Save The Children.

Developing from such campaigns listed above, Invictus Direct has steered its direction into the world of sales management. Passionate towards providing fundamental and necessary services to help with the growth of our clients, Invictus Direct looks to grow its portfolio in the business world.



Invictus Direct played a major part in our initial business planning. Rami helped us with our business strategy, development of the different services offered and their pricing, created templates for lead generation, and more. Rami is diligent and organized, we're happy with the work he did for us and would definitely recommend him!


Our startup has had a great experience working with Invictus Direct so far. When we approached Rami for sales management services, he helped us devise a plan and lay out a sales strategy to implement once we launch our SaaS platform.


I am very pleased with Rami's recruitment abilities. In a very short time he has successfully filled positions. Rami has a wonderful personality, he is honest, detailed oriented and works hard. I highly recommend Rami to anyone who needs assistance with Sales or Recruitment!!

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